Getting results for your business online can vary in difficulty depending on the industry. Organic searches are an extremely valuable measure of getting found consistently and are necessary to improve your business presence online. Here are some tips on what makes a search organic, how to gain traction in getting more of them, and where you should start.


What makes a search organic?


Organic searches are not impacted by paid ads. Any time a business has Google Ads will not contribute your search ranking, although it will bring in more business. Organic searches that engage well with your content and website in general will improve your domain authority as well. This gives you the best chance in the long run. Without ranking well for SEO, you won’t see much new business and your digital presence will diminish its value.


Engagement vs sales


Engaging users is difficult and time consuming, but it does correlate to a strong online presence. However, organic searches finding you will be a major factor directly to sales. They do go hand-in-hand since they contribute to the same overall objective, it just depends on your focus.


Business goals should align with digital efforts


If getting new business is your goal, a website with strong SEO is a great route to get started. On the other hand, if you already have a strong client basis and want to keep them engaged, generally expanding to social media is a great way to promote brand awareness. This will vary minimally depending on the industry, so keep that in mind as well.


If you have questions about how to rank well through SEO and get more organic engagement, give us a call today. We’ll learn more about your business plan and determine what makes the most sense for you to get more business. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!