Why do mailers work?


Mailers can be an effective marketing strategy for many industries, but not all. The most consistent business outlet that utilizes mailers most effectively is anything associated with products.


This can be cosmetics, apparel, restaurants, or other related food industries especially. Being able to offer a two-for-one meal or something similar creates significant return to the volume of mailers sent out, which is why they can be a desirable strategy. For other industries, mailers may not be as effective.


What if my business is service-based?


Service-based industries can thrive through mailers as well, there are just other avenues that will likely be more profitable in the long run. This mainly includes SEO and PPC campaigns.


SEO is a marketing strategy that targets organic searches in the industry rather than a zip code of doors. Pushing searches that are already in the market for the service generates a high return that builds up over time.


Once Google crawlers are exposed to these new clients coming in and finding your business, your business is then pushed to the top for associated Google searches. PPC (pay-per-click) is an option with a higher budget, the results come in much more quickly due to the expense as well.


Schedule a consultation and find which route is best for your business!