If you are moving forward with Google Ads or SEO, you may not be familiar with how they contribute to each other. Here are a few key factors to clear up.


Do Google Ads increase your ranking?


Google Ads will place you on the first page of Google and get you more business. However, it will not impact your organic ranking, which is what contributing time and effort to SEO will do. Search engine optimization is the best way to set up your business for the future.


What can I do to improve my SEO ranking?


Contention creation is king in increasing your digital marketing presence, which is why content creation is the priority for SEO.


What form of content is best?


Video, written, and additional backlinking posts for content will all contribute to how you are ranking.


Video – For the most part, video is for already engaged clients and users. It will improve your ranking for the amount of time that users are engaged with your site, but will also need to be paired with written content.


Written content – Blogging and general website content will be a huge pull for the business as well. If you are able to have consistent written content pushed out in general, you’ll start to see more web traffic over time. However, if you spend additional time doing keyword research and targeting particular questions/searches, you’ll see even more traffic. In either case, starting out with content will be the best way to start getting more traffic for the long haul. This won’t just impact your business today, but it’ll impact your business for years to come.


If you have any deeper questions, feel free to give us a call today. We’ll take into account how your Google Ads are performing, and which course of action would be best to take moving forward.